Lettering in granite

For the forging of the letters we use only tried and tested tools which guarantee the best quality.

Hand forging of letters with wedges

work by hand

Jak to jest robione

We offer the hand forging of letters, and it cannot be replaced by any other technology. Hand forging of letters allows to bring the depth of every inscription. Firstly, we design every inscription by drawing it directly on the gravestone, and then we begin the many hours’ work.


In the case of complex shapes, we make a computer visualization of the inscription before making the lettering (there is a photograph of the gravestone in the background). We can send the project to the customer so that he or she can accept it or make another changes.

Ręcznie wykuta litera
Litera ręcznie kuta i groszkowana w kamieniu impala_zblizenie Litera ręcznie kuta i groszkowana w kamieniu impala

Sandblasting of letters

Excellent reproducibility

How it's made:

We also use the technique of sandblasting in order to make the lettering. This technique allows to make shallow engraving with sharp edges. We can sandblast any engraving and a text in any font (the style of the letters).


We are able to create a 3D sandblasted finish, as seen in the photo.

Przykład wypiaskowanego elementu 3d Zbliżenie na wypiaskowaną w granicie literę

Milling CNC letters in stone

The most precise way of creating inscriptions in stone is by milling them with specialized diamond milling tools. This ensures the highest quality. Letters can be crafted with a "V" groove or, in the case of very large letters, the bottom of the engraving can be flat.

What typeface and graphics for a memorial?

We offer a wide selection of memorial typefaces (also referred to by many as memorial fonts), which can be categorized as follows:

Gravestone Conservation

It is best to wash a granite memorial with plain, clean water. If necessary, a drop of dishwashing liquid can be added. Do not use any pastes, especially greasy or corrosive ones, as they may leave permanent, even impossible to remove stains.

Conservation of Memorial Letters

In the case of letters, as with the entire memorial, it is best to rinse them with clean water with a little dishwashing liquid, unless the inscription is gilded. Do not use any chemical agents on gilding. Only a gentle wiping of the gilded surface with a cosmetic pad is permissible.

Memorial Lettering Pricing

To precisely estimate the cost of creating a memorial inscription, please send the content that is to be engraved on the granite slab. We will provide a quote for the memorial inscription within one day. In the case of adding to an existing inscription, please send a photo of the current memorial plaque.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we add letters to existing ones?

Yes, we can add letters by matching them to the existing ones. Please send a photo of the existing inscription via email - we will provide guidance and quote the service for adding letters.

Which type of crafted letters is the most durable?

Each method we offer for crafting letters is durable.

Why are the letters on the gravestone not visible during rain?

Natural stone carvings appear matte. When watered, it looks like a polished surface. We can cover the carved letters with a specialized hydrophobic coating, ensuring their visibility even during rain.

Are gilded letters durable?

Yes, provided they are not cleaned with washing liquids and brushes. It is best to wipe gilded surfaces with a damp cosmetic pad.

How much does it cost to carve a letter in stone?

The cost of carving a letter depends on its size, font, and stone (hardness). Typically, it ranges from 8-20 PLN per letter.

How much does sandblasting a letter in stone cost?

The cost of sandblasting a letter depends on its size, font, and stone (hardness). Typically, it ranges from 5-15 PLN per sandblasted letter.

How much does milling a letter in stone cost?

The cost of milling depends on the font thickness and desired depth. Typically, it ranges from 10-30 PLN per letter.

How much does gilding a letter on a gravestone cost?

The cost depends on the letter's size. Typically, it ranges from 8-25 PLN per letter.

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