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Learn more about the Memorials

Our company deals with the complex making of various memorials, which are designed, made and, finally, mounted by us.

Memorials are made out of granite or marble. Letters, image or logo can be placed directly on the polished part of the stone, rock or steel, e.g. stainless steel.

We usually make the memorials in the shape of rectangle. Any other shape of the stone is also available. We can make any inscription, coat of arms, incised image or logo, also in color. Granite, as a solid material, perfectly qualifies for the use as the placards of bureaus, business offices and other institutions. We can also make granitic European Union billboards according to the proportions normalized by the proper regulations. They are used for the European Union projects

We also offer:

We paint the stone with many colors, with professional paints which allow to achieve a better result in the forged, sandblasted and even sculpted elements. Some of the projects done by our company are shown below:

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