Tombstone on a Granite Slab for Pimpek

On the black granite slab, we engraved the name ‘PIMPEK’ along with the years of his life: 2013-2025. Above the inscription, we affixed a porcelain photo burnt in our company.

Personalization and Additional Options

Our granite slabs can be personalized according to your wishes. We can add a dog graphic or other elements to further express the individuality and character of Pimpek.

Installation and Delivery

The slab is set directly on the surface – it can be a garden, cemetery, or any other area of your choice. We deliver it by courier, always insured for its full value. The granite is carefully protected from damage, and each shipment is appropriately marked.

If you have any questions or would like to order a similar slab, feel free to contact us. Let’s remember that our pets deserve eternal memory and respect.

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