Large Tilted Black Granite Heart with Portrait and Inscription

A beautiful, polished black granite heart memorial with a custom portrait and inscription, a lasting tribute to your beloved pet.


This elegant tilted heart is crafted from polished black granite, creating a striking and timeless memorial for your cherished pet. The front and sides are polished to a high shine, while the back remains unpolished for a natural look.

The heart measures 45 cm x 39 cm x 1-2 cm and includes a custom portrait and a short inscription (up to 40 characters). The inscription is carved into the stone and sealed with a specialized paint to ensure a beautiful appearance for years to come.

After you provide a photo and text, we’ll send you a preliminary visualization of the inscription on the granite. Once you approve the design, we’ll issue an invoice for payment.

Natural granite is ideal for outdoor use. It’s heavy, so the headstone won’t easily tip over. It won’t warp, change color, or require polishing like other conglomerates or plastics.

We can also create a polished base or a supporting wedge at the back, tilting the plate slightly for optimal display.

You can also add a porcelain photo (9×12 cm) or a photo crystal (9×12 cm) to this heart.

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